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smartPALLET Integrated RFID Technology

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The SLS RFID smartPALLET is smart, easy and cost-effective! Perform full asset inventory, including location, in your warehouse, distribution center, storage facility or truck yard in hours, or less, instead of days.

  • Plug-and-play
  • No installation, all self-contained (reader, Wave® antennas, battery, cabling, wireless)
  • Can be used by numerous forklifts and/or pallet jacks – “one-to-many”
  • No need to handle items to read tags
  • Roam to read
  • Read floor / location RFID tags and/or use GPS, indoor beacons, etc. for location
  • Rugged – can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Long battery charge life and rapid re-charge
  • WiFi and cellular connectivity (via the tablet)

The patented Wave® Antenna used in the smartPALLET creates a wide-angle lens effect which covers all three polarizations at once and are designed to work in high fading and multipath environments to provide superior UHF zone coverage.

NeWave® and Wave® are registered trademarks of Newave Sensor Solutions, LLC,

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 48 x 40 x 87 (inches, HxWxD)
Weight: 170 lbs. total
Power: Via supplied battery; 6 hrs run-time, 1.5 hours full recharge time. Options to increase battery run-time – please contact us.


What's Included

  • Wave® antenna enclosures (2 ea.)
  • RFID reader (Impinj R420)
  • RF cables
  • Wave® antennas
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Stack Light
  • Display tablet
  • Aluminum pallet base

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