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Smart Label Solutions (SLS) Key Differentiators

Smart Label Solutions (SLS) is a process engineering and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions company founded in 2005 focused on automating and optimizing your supply chain.

  • Automate the location and status of your products and returnable transport items
  • SLS offers turn-key RFID supply chain solutions: RFID labels/tags, RFID tag encoding & printing services, dock-door portals (smartPORTAL), overhead-readers (gateway readers), hand-held readers, RFID-enabled printers, RFID software (both application and embedded) and installation services.
  • Over 3000 dock doors deployed around the world
    • Focus on industrial supply chain, especially automotive and returnable transport items
  • SLS offers Wave antenna technology – far outperforms circular polarized antennas
    • See our knowledge base for more information
  • Manufacturing facility at our HQ in Howell, MI
    • Custom fabrication of antenna enclosures and portals

smartPORTAL™ Key Differentiators

  • Reader and GPIO (light-stack and door sensor) can operate over low power PoE (802.3af), no VAC required
    • Save money on infrastructure cost
    • Easy installation – plug and play
  • Wave antenna technology provides intense, yet constrained, read field
    • Reduce cross-reads and stray reads
    • Read into dense-packed pallets, cartons, etc.
    • Can operate reader at lower transmit power – save energy costs and extend reader life
  • Light weight
    • Reduces freight / shipping costs
    • Ease of install


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Portfolio Examples


smartPORTAL Complete

smartPALLET – High-Performance Portable Inventory Solution


Outdoor Gate – Yard Management

Outdoor Gate Outdoor Gate

Pallet-wrap RFID Read Station

Pallet-wrap RFID Read Station Pallet-wrap RFID Read Station

smartEIT (Enterprise Inventory Tracking) Software: Web Console, Windows Mobile and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

smartEIT-Mobile smartEIT