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SLS smartWAVE ‘B Panel’

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The smartWAVE ‘B Panel’ is the counterpart to the smartWAVE Reader, comprised of 2 wave® antennas that uses the latest in RFID technology. The unit delivers superior read rate performance for UHF GEN2 (RAIN) RFID tags. The smartWAVE is perfect for tracking assets or personnel at small indoor openings and is entirely powered over a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection (no AC power connections required). The fully enclosed plug-and-play unit mounts easily near doorways, storage rooms, hallways, offices and warehouses to provide RFID tracking capabilities for a variety of applications.

Key Features

The integrated wave® Antennas used in the smartPORTAL™ are unique in covering all three tag orientations within a user-defined zone. Our antenna design creates a wide-angle lens effect which covers all three polarizations at once and are designed to provide superior UHF zone coverage. The smartWAVE from SLS is a fully integrated and lightweight design which is easily wall-mounted without the need to remove the cover or dissemble the enclosure. It can be painted to match wall color/decor (nonmetallic paint).

Reader and coaxial cables are not included.

European Version Available (PN: 10000340)


What's Included

  • (2) 3' wave® Antenna Elements
  • (4) Multi-Surface Wall Anchors