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Mini-Guardrail Reader Antenna

Broadband 13 x 7 x 2 cm

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The Mini-Guardrail antenna provides a very short read range for a wide variety of applications. The small form factor and mounting holes support a multitude of use cases.

Requires 1 SMA to R-TNC cable (not included)

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range: 865 to 954 MHz, broadband for use in all regions
Near Field Intensity: -13 dBA/m, center of antenna 1 cm from radome, 30dBm input power
Far Field Gain: -20 dBi
Polarization: Linear, parallel to short axis
Input Power: 30 dBm, 33dBm absolute max
IP Rating: IP41, indoor use only
Operating Temperature: 0-40 C, indoor use only
Humidity: 5-95%, relative, non-condensing
Weight: 114 grams
Connector: SMA female, requires accessory cable to connect to reader’s RP-TNC connectory
Radome: Acrylic
Enclosure: Aluminum w/ black anodized coating
Dimensions: 69.85 x 133.35 x 19.05 mm