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Identix rPad®

Compact USB UHF RFID reader with a built-in circular polarized antenna.

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The Identix rPad® is a high performance compact USB UHF RFID reader with a built-in circular polarized antenna. This allows for easy reading while reducing the hardware and deployment costs. When used with a POS device, the rPad® is versatile and allows for fast and secure item reads which reduces checkout time and improves customer satisfaction.

The Identix rPad® can operate in “keyboard wedge mode” (USB keyboard emulation via HID) that facilitates integration with software applications used with barcode readers. When operating in this mode, the rPad® can be configured for automatic data in SGTIN96 format to UPC/EAN-13 barcode format.

Ideal for retail, industry, healthcare, and libraries.

Technical Specifications

UHF RFID reader with integrated antenna – ISO18000-63
Operating frequency band:
902Mhz to 928Mhz
Maximum transmit power: +23dBm
Reads up to 140 tags/s in DRMor 250 tags/s in high throughput mode
Integrated circular polarized antenna:

  • Far Field Gain: 8.5 dBiC
  • Axial ratio: <3dB across all operating frequency band
  • VSWR <1.4:1
  • Magnetic Field (H) Intensity: -1.25dBA/m @ 2.5cm from surface (max.)Operating Modes: Transparent (Impinj IRI API), RAW ASCII or USB keyboard wedge (HID)
    Weight: 730 g – 1.6 lbs
    Dimensions: 215 x 298 x 20 mm
    Ingress Protection Rate: IP54
    Operating Temperature: -20 C to +65 C
    Certifications: FCC and Anatel