RFID Demystified: Company Case Studies

A review of  sixteen company case studies of those who have decided to apply RFID  technology within their organizations. It will be seen that considerable benefits are being experienced, applications are providing significant return on investment and pilot projects are providing a foundation for the future success of projects in this area.

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SLS RFID at Golden State Foods

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) of RFID in Retail Apparel Supplier’s Distribution Centers

This paper from Auburn University RFID Lab focuses on a few key use cases in order to determine to what extent RFID can be used to generate ROI within retail apparel supplier’s own operations. Much of the research focused on the Supplier’s Distribution Centers, and how RFID can help with inventory accuracy and shipping accuracy. The effects of inventory accuracy on Retailer claims and DC operations are also discussed. Some tools are included to allow suppliers to calculate potential ROI within their own operations.

Warehouse Item-Level Tracking

JCI RFID Journal

Johnson Controls recouped its investment in RFID soon after tagging 876,000 reusable containers used to transport car seats and their components, and installing SLS’ smartPORTAL™ at 600 dock doors across 37 facilities.