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smartPORTAL™ Reader

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The SLS RFID smartPORTAL™ Reader is designed to be installed in harsh industrial environments. Each antenna enclosure is constructed with extruded aluminum and is anchored to the concrete floor. Each enclosure includes two 3′ Wave® Antennas. The enclosures include antenna back planes to direct signal into the designed read zone and eliminates adjacent dock-door reads.

The smartPORTAL™ Reader is designed for use cases where the superior performance enabled by Wave® antenna technology and plug-and-play installation offered by the smartPORTAL™, including PoE-powered RFID reader, are required with any other components already in-place or will be provided.

Note: Not included: Light stack, Photo-eye, bollards, angle irons (available as part of smartPORTAL™-Complete or order separately). Highly recommended to use bollards in front of panels to prevent damage.

The patented Wave® Antenna used in the smartPORTAL™ creates a wide-angle lens effect which covers all three polarizations at once and are designed to work in high fading and multipath environments to provide superior UHF zone coverage.

NeWave® and Wave® are registered trademarks of Newave Sensor Solutions, LLC,

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 97 x 11 x 4 (inches, HxWxD)
Footprint: 15 x 4.5 (inches, WxD)
Weight: 75 lbs. total (Including 2 portals, RFID reader, RF cables, Wave® antennas)
Power: Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af or VAC using Impinj power supply (not included)


What's Included

  • Portal stands (2 ea.)
  • RFID reader
  • RF cables
  • Wave® antennas
  • Installation and maintenance services available

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